And how is it with the poachers?

We can divide them into two groups. The first are common poor natives who sell poached animals to traffickers. Usually they have to borrow a weapon and have to pay for it, Imagine that they only get around 800 CZK for a poached elephant, Therefore they sometimes use wire mesh from barbed wire instead of the expensive weapons. It’s all very nasty and ugly.
But the other group is much worse. They are rich, organized and equipped. Unfortunately, many times they have much better equipment than those who protect the animals, as they have better weapons, helicopters, satellite phones, night vision and lots of other things. They appear, catch and disappear again, mostly they take the most valuable part of the animal only and leave the rest which is a sad sight.
That’s why they taught me to look for weapons and bullets. It’s better to find a poacher before the hunt or to reveal that he’s hiding some bullets than to be sad for the animal later. I like looking for bullets because I imagine each bullet is a rescued animal friend.

Poaching is terrible and we “malina” don’t understand it. If you, humans, don’t do something about it, soon not only the elephants will disappear, but also many other species. I’ll help as much as I can, but I can’t do it all alone. Will you help?

Chceš také pomoci?

You don’t have to fly to Congo and help me catch the poachers, you can be useful at home. The easiest way is to contribute financially, because every 100 CZK counts. If it’s not enough for you, you can help us with your knowledge. Maybe you can write articles about us, manage our Facebook profile or prepare pictures and videos. You know, my paws can’t do everything. We will gladly welcome you into the team, even if you only have little time to devote to us.

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