Smuggling animals

Smuggling animals

Do you know how I was imagined smugglers and poachers?

Do you know how I was imagined smugglers and poachers? I thought they were people with spoiled teeth, so they want elephant tasks instead. But that’s not true. Mom said they make various statues and many other unnecessary things from ivory. So clearly the elephant needs his tasks more than the smuggler. And on the top of that, they kill the elephant because he doesn’t want to give them his tusks. It’s very sad sight when you walk through the savanna and find a dead elephant just because someone wanted his tasks. I would bite that poacher or smuggler into …… and maybe elsewhere. But it’s not a nice thing to do, is it?
More than 100 tons of ivory travels this way. Do you know how many elephants could be strolling through Africa now? And that’s my task. I can’t help them all, but I will do my best. I have other friend too. Do you know what pangolin looks like? It’s a mammal like us and some of them can be as big as me. They can weigh up to 35kg and look like alive pine cones. It has beautiful scales all over it’s body. We are friends, because it eats ants, termites and other insects. So it doesn’t steal my treats, but whoever doesn’t steal from my bowl is my friend. The curse of the pangolins are their scales, as people in Asia think they have healing powers. They also think their meat is a delicacy and because of this, the poachers kill more than 100 000 pangolins a year. When the pangolin is in danger, it curls into a ball and looks like a pine cone. It doesn’t resist, doesn’t run and mom taught me to always protect the weaker. That’s why I want to help my friends pangolins.
Did you know, that your relatives are also in danger? Gorillas in Congo are poached for their meat and the larger gorilla, the more meat hence the adult males are the most hunted. they are full of strength and vigor and should worry about reproduction, not how to avoid poachers. Besides the meat, the skulls are smuggled as trophies and the paws are used to make ashtrays. Yuk! Nevertheless the baby gorillas look just like children, who I like too. When I was a puppy, I used to play with children and when the baby gorillas lose their parent its most likely they will get eaten before they get the chance to grow up. In a couple of years there will be no gorillas left. Fortunately, me and my nose are here save the day and we will show the poachers and smugglers! And of course there is you, because I can’t do it without your help. Will you help?

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Nemusíš nutně letět do Konga a pomáhat mi chytat pytláky, protože platný můžeš být pro nás i doma. Nejsnazší cesta je přispět finančně, protože každá stokoruna se počítá.

Pokud je Ti to málo, můžeš nám pomoci tím, co umíš. Třeba o nás psát články, starat se nám o facebook, nebo pro nás připravovat obrázky či videa. To víš, ty moje packy všechno nezvládnou. Rádi Tě přivítáme v týmu, i kdybys měl jen minimum času, který nám chceš věnovat.

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