The story of Cama

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Are you interested in my aunt Cama’s story? 

I didn’t know Cama, but they were talking about her a lot. Mom Hanka got her to be winning sport cynology competitions. But Cama didn’t enjoy it and didn’t listen. She didn’t understand why she has to run somewhere when she’s not chasing anybody, The only thing she did enjoy was biting into the defense sleeve, probably because she could do what she wanted to them. Biting into the sleeve is better than any toy anyway, so Cama convinced mom, that her life’s goal is elsewhere and they started training for poachers and smugglers in Congo. It was challenging training, but she managed with no problem. She quickly learned to find ivory, pangolin scales and lots of other interesting scents. She trained to be the best. Imagine, she trained outdoors, inside, at the airport, in the car scrapyard and lots of other places.
In February 2015 Cama and mom flew to Congolese Brazzaville, where Cama’s dog handler Mbon was waiting for her. They quickly became friends and started working together. Cama learned to search for weapons and bullets, even the learning defence in Czech came in handy. You know, Congo is…. simply Congo. She had some friends who helped searching for poachers and smugglers and she also became a mother to 7 beautiful puppies, all of them hard workers just like their mom. Three of them stayed in the Congo and the another three hunt for poachers in Uganda, the last one is guarding chimpanzees at the rehabilitation center founded by the Jane Goodall Institute. The most alike Cama is called Doli (Did you know Doli means elephant in the Sango language? I didn’t.) She is a “malina” elephant who goes in her mum’s footsteps.
Unfortunately, Cama died in June 2016 in a car accident. Mum was very upset and I think she still is. Maybe that’s why she is so eager to work with us and it’s up to us not to disappoint her and all our friends. Did you know that Cama was also a media star whom they wrote in newspapers and made movies about? Just search “fenka Cama” in google and see what you can find. Interviews, documentary films, newspaper articles… I wonder if they will write about me on day. Cama showed everybody what the Czech “malina” can do. And now it’s nearly my time to go to the Congo.

Chceš také pomoci?

Nemusíš nutně letět do Konga a pomáhat mi chytat pytláky, protože platný můžeš být pro nás i doma. Nejsnazší cesta je přispět finančně, protože každá stokoruna se počítá.

Pokud je Ti to málo, můžeš nám pomoci tím, co umíš. Třeba o nás psát články, starat se nám o facebook, nebo pro nás připravovat obrázky či videa. To víš, ty moje packy všechno nezvládnou. Rádi Tě přivítáme v týmu, i kdybys měl jen minimum času, který nám chceš věnovat.

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