Detection training

Did you know that my sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than yours?

I’m not bragging, but really even if I’ve had a cold, I’d still have a better sense of smell than you do, I also have a odor memory and that means I remember a lot of scents, especially those fragrant treats or female dogs. I will never get odor sclerosis for these smells. The very best part of the training is at the beginning. Mom hides some treats for me and probably thinks I won’t find them. She first tells me “search” and then lets me look for them. I don’t really know, what means “search”, but treat is a treat and I will always find it. Mom is happy and hides another piece.
She is smart and when she thinks I already know what means “search” (well it means I must go and get my treat, right?), she tries to confuse me and hides my toys. Maybe so I tidy them up more? I love toys as much as treats, so I search for them and when I find them and I let her know where they are. Often she hides them up high, so I can’t easily reach them, but she can’t fool my nose. Sometimes it feels like she wants to teach me tree climbing. When I learn to find toys, she takes me to the scent cans. Do you know what it is? It’s a can in which some scent is hidden – like an elephant’s or a gorilla’s. My memory knows these scent very well. They are so imprinted in my memory that I would find them even if I was woken up in the middle of the night. They don’t smell as good as the females, but if it makes mom happy, I will find them too.
Malina would say, that’s where the fun ends and from now on it will only be hard work. But that’s not true. When I know the scent of all the interesting things well, they hide or forget them somewhere. And they are happy when I find them and I get my toy as a treat. So I don’t look for toys anymore, but quite different things. But I don’t mind, I get my toy in the end anyway and we are all happy. Do you know what’s strange? When they stop a car and let me search for some of the interesting things which they forgot there, like something from the ivory. Of course I find it. But the drivers are not happy at all, maybe they are sad because I found it and not them. But it doesn’t matter, I get my toy and I can carry on looking.

Do you want to help too?

You don’t have to fly to Congo and help me catch the poachers, you can be useful at home. The easiest way is to contribute financially, because every 100 CZK counts. If it’s not enough for you, you can help us with your knowledge. Maybe you can write articles about us, manage our Facebook profile or prepare pictures and videos. You know, my paws can’t do everything. We will gladly welcome you into the team, even if you only have little time to devote to us.
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